October 20, 2015


Fredy Guarin on a visit to Colombia Pavilion of Expo 2015

Fredy Guarin visit, along with compatriot and fellow of the International, Jeison Murillo, Colombia pavilion at Expo 2015. “guar” takes the opportunity to return to the National, which in the first two qualifying matches for the World Cup in 2018 was captain. “He said that the national lacked the character against Uruguay? I do not know, but it is always a special match. We all knew it would be a difficult race, but we have the personality to play. The national team always gives us emotions, when he won the Colombia we’re all happy. Certainly it is very exciting to have so many responsibilities. ” About the pavilion of Expo Colombia: “This pavilion is Colombia. I’m very proud because it is the best way to do it. The Colombians have to tell the world that we are with our heads held high and the Colombia Pavilion serves this. The description of the climates of Colombia is what I liked most of all. A message for Colombians? The many Italians who visited the pavilion were pleased and impressed with our joy and our landscapes. ”

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