November 3rd, 2015


“Thanks to Expo Milano 2015 and my compliments to the Pavilion of Colombia for the great contribution to this wonderful event that has universal consent to show the world our beautiful land”

21 million and a half of congratulations to Expo Milano 2015
Impressive numbers for the global exposure also attended by Colombia

In 184 days, 21.5 million tourists from 140 countries to visit the 54 pavilions of Expo Milano 2015. It still 20,000 workers and 8,000 volunteers involved in the 6 months of exposure. Over 2 million students on a school trip organized on Decuman. 2,300 soldiers employed for safety. 26 tons of food recovered and then made available to the Food Bank. € 27 average spending per capita of visitors who, for the 32% chose the Italian kitchen, for 25% the foreign, while 34% have tried both. Record numbers for the 122 meters of baguette stuffed with nutella prepared by bakers French and Italian with the addition confectionery company Ferrero Cuneo, while 1,595.45 meters were the pizza record made on June 20: Pizza then divided into 35 thousand slices of which 300 meters have gone to charity.

Naturally sustainable, as the theme chosen by Colombia pavilion, whose purpose to show that you can ensure sustainable food, healthy, and good enough for all hit the mark. Due to its geographical position and to its wide availability of natural resources, Colombia is the testimony of how to achieve a balance between man and nature. Colombia, in fact, unlike most countries, is not subject to the changing seasons due to its geographical proximity to the equator. However, changes in climate have variable as the altitude: in the Colombian territory, in fact, you can go from 0 to over 5000 meters above sea level and across all five “thermal plans” in the world (pisos de TERMICOS Colombia). Colombia summarizes all climates in the world and in each of the planes thermal plant and animal species are different. For in this country there are all kinds of crops that grow throughout the year and make it a concrete example of how to defeat the course of world hunger. Colombia, then, is a source of food, water and oxygen to combat the three major global threats: hunger, poverty and climate change. The concept of balance between man and nature transpires from the architecture of the pavilion which covers an exhibition area totaling 1,907 square meters. The visitor can make a sensory experience made up of music, colors, flavors, sensations and environments through to an itinerary that ranges in five “heat floors” that characterize Colombia and through the typical products that represent them.