Nov. 23, 2015


First alone

Inter Poker to Frosinone
Inter beat 4-0 Frosinone and won the top spot in the league in solitary. And, waiting for the challenge to the summit next Monday at the San Paolo in Naples, Inter take all three points thanks to Biabiany, Icardi, Murillo and Brozovic.
The challenge with the freshman ciociara unlocks at 29 ‘: shot Ljajic, Leali rejects Biabiany and the square of the goal. In the minds heart problems outdated and thought for the victims of the November 13th (for him that is Paris). The rest of the first half does not give much more if not two shots from distance by Ljajic and Jovetic.
In the second half enough 8 ‘to increase the score. Action textbook football: triangulation between Ljajic and Icardi, external return plate and the center for the Argentine who realizes the 2-0. The Frosinone reacts and shortly after Castillo takes aim and hits Murillo concluded that para. Subsequently Biabiany approaching the shotgun, as Jovetic that only hits the goalkeeper in front Leali Frosinone. The same Stevan, shortly after, made amends: heel to free Murillo and tris served. Before the end comes the fourth seal Brozovic.

INTER-Frosinone 4-0

INTER (4-2-3-1): Handanovic; Nagatomo (15’st Frog), Miranda, Murillo, Telles; Felipe Melo, Kondogbia; Biabiany (41’st Perisic), Jovetic, Ljajic; Icardi (43’st Brozovic). Facilities: Carrizo, Berni, Juan Jesus, Palacio, Guarin, Montoya, Medel, Gnoukouri, D’Ambrosio. Coach: Roberto Mancini.
Frosinone (4-4-2): Loyal; Rosi, Diakite ‘, Blanchard, Crivello; Paganini (38’st Carlini), Gori (32’st Gucher), Sammarco, Soddimo; D. Ciofani (32’st Longo), Castillo. Facilities: Zappino, Gomis, Frara, Green, M. Ciofani Bertoncini. Coach: Roberto Stellone.
REFEREE: Guide Torre Annunziata.
NETWORKS: pt 29 ‘Biabiany; st 8 ‘Icardi, 42’ Murillo, 48 ‘Brozovic
NOTES: cold evening, the soil in good condition. Booked: Diakite ‘(F), Miranda (I), Soddimo, Paganini (F). Corners: 6-7. Recovery: pt 0 ‘, 3 st’.