August 29, 2015



Inter exceeds the Carpi with goals from Jovetic

Inter still. In a sign of Jovetic. After stored at Atalanta, the former City with a shotgun drag Inter beyond the Carpi. And the defeat of Juventus in Rome leads them to stop – overlooking derby – to +6 on the rival. Needless to Carpi the goal of momentary 1-1 signed Di Gaudio.

In the usual 3-5-2, Beavers replacing the injured Mbakogu with Wilczek. Mancini responds with the 4-3-1-2. Despite Hernanes has recovered from the muscle problem, attacking midfielder still moves Brozovic. Guarin complete the median with Medel and Kondogbia. Despite the warnings of the technical part of the Inter less good opponent. Lollo warms Handanovic after scoured a former Wallace, Matos then invokes the penalty for a challenge by Murillo. The first half of the time seems to fly, stingy emotions. The Carpi tries but does not sting, the Inter is too slow and staid to surprise the enemy lines. Medel is poignant as covers for each hole. The only one who dares entering Jovetic is too baroque but in some games and without even the right explosiveness to jump the man as you would agree. Jo-Jo, however, at this time is the man of destiny Inter. 31 ‘Guarin crossed from the right trocar, Brkic has fatal indecision out, even if it is reactive in the wall hit the fly of Montenegro. The ball, however, stay tuned and Jovetic should just place it into the empty goal. Undeserved advantage, because just before Handanovic was miraculous about Matos and immediately opposes fist to the left of Wilczek. True recovery is among the best of his, to svirgolare well placed.

Nothing changes in the second half, however, changes the attitude of the Nerazzurri. Brozovic Palacio and then nearly doubling. Then the match back to stagnate with the Milanese who keep the ball in the game but found the gates and, in fact, the risk of re-start some of Carpi. They think Miranda and Murillo, always attentive and often ahead of opposing points. In newly entered Nagatomo 36 ‘fails to close on Di Gaudio, who struck the ball low Letizia, using a layer of lasagna that puts out also causes Murillo. Draw right, at the bottom, with Miranda forced the savage challenge on the same Di Gaudio, he launched a counterattack. Mancini 40 ‘gets up Hernanes Brozovic. Palacio would the ball good, but Brkic the walls. One minute and Rodrigo triggers area Guarin, good at the feint right and cause a foul Gabriel Silva. Clear penalty that Jovetic turns coldly before leaving the field to the cheers of a Frog Braglia full of Inter.


Carpi (3-5-2): Brkic; Letizia, Bubnjic, Gagliolo; Wallace (from 30 ‘st Di Gaudio), Lollo, Brown, Fedele (from 34’ st Lazzari), Gabriel Silva; Matos, Wilczek (20 ‘s.t. Lasagna). (Benussi, White, Pasciuti, Martinho, Spolli, Iniguez). All. Beavers.
INTER (4-3-1-2): Handanovic; Santon (from 34 ‘st Nagatomo) ,, Miranda Murillo, Juan Jesus; Guarin, Medel, Kondogbia; Brozovic (from 39 ‘Hernanes s.t.); Palacio, Jovetic (from 45 ‘s.t. Ranocchia). (Carrizo, Berni, Montoya, Gnoukouri, D’Ambrosio, Dimarco, Manaj). All. Mancini.
REFEREE: Mass of Imperia.
SCORERS: Jovetic (I) 31 ‘G.F .; Gaudio (C) to 36 ‘, Jovetic (I) on the rig. 44 ‘s.t.
NOTES: Ammonites Lollo (C), Gabriel Silva (L), Letizia (C), Santon (I), Medel (I), Handanovic (I), Miranda (I).